Friends of The District

Help The District advocate for positive development, create a sense of place, and foster community. You are the catalyst to ensuring Quincy & Adams County are vibrant and remain competitive, by protecting our heritage and cultural identity, and providing support to enhance our downtown.

We are looking for 100 “Friends of The District” to donate $100 to help us continue to grow and thrive as an organization. Help us continue to make The District the heart of Quincy

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Thank you to our Friends of The District:
David & Cathy Wittler
Marcel & Karen Wagner
Linda K Moore
Carol Brockmiller
Frankie Murphy Giesing
Josh & Tieraney Craig
Hauk & Owens, LLC
Jack Freiburg
Kay Wilkinson
Kristin & Will Spear
Eric & Erin Wharton
Justin Wollbrink
John & Lacey Hauk
Krista Snyder
Bob & Judy Hays
Traeder’s TNT Golf Cart
Tim & Julie O’Connor
Lyle & Jeri Sprinkle
Jack & Lori Holtschlag
Quincy Preserves
Kevin Ballard
Reg and Jane Ankrom
Beth & Rich Deters
Emily Peters