6th Street Streetscape

We’re so excited to get started!

Please pardon our progress and be prepared for some temporary road closures and small inconveniences during construction. But trust us, it will be worth it!

6th Street businesses will remain OPEN and we look forward to seeing you!

March Update


Please be advised that the intersection of North 6th Street and Hampshire Street is scheduled to be closed on Monday, March 18th.

Construction of the sanitary sewer has progressed to the north requiring closure of the entire intersection.

The closure is expected to last 1 month.

Motorists are reminded to use extreme caution while driving near the construction work zone.

All businesses along 6th Street will continue to operate and we appreciate your support for the local businesses in the area.

Access from the alleys and parking lots will still be available.

Notes from your friends…

Seoul2Soul Bistro

Hi Friends!

“It’s happening on sixth street” and we have front row seats to all of the progress! 🚧

Reese Construction and the contractors have been putting the petal to the metal, literally, and making great strides on sixth street so far!

While construction continues on our block, we have plenty of parking available in the lot across the street from our building. That lot is easy to access from 5th street between Vermont and Hampshire. Give us a call if you need help getting to us in the coming weeks.

We look forward to seeing this projects beautifully projected outcome and love being a part of 6th St.”

Platt Daddy BBQ

“Bob the builder is on site!!! 6th and Hampshire intersection is blocked but Hampshire from 8th-6th is free. Plenty of parking on the street, and the parking lot across from the restaurant!!! It may have been a bad idea letting me have this vest and hard hat. Hold your beers and let’s see what Bob can put together this week with his fresh new uniform!!! #QueInTheQ 

ps the boys from Rees Construction are kicking butt out there. Moving faster than I could build a Lego house!!!” – Jeremy Platt, Owner

Dempsey, Dempsey & Hilts P.C.

“While the road in front of our Quincy office is closed the sidewalks are still open and you can still enter our office thru the front door. Please allow extra time to park, if street parking is unavailable there is a lot behind our building on Vermont, public lot D. We apologize for the inconvenience while the city makes these improvements to 6th street.”