Back to Normal….Almost

So It’s been two weeks since things got turned slightly on their head. We’ve been busy trying to keep everyone informed, trying to figure out what the next step is, etc. but things are finally returning to normal – whatever that is.

I wanted to take a minute to really relay what this blog is going to be. This is an avenue for us at the Historic Quincy Business District to share our thoughts/opinions on what’s going on downtown. Sometimes it’ll be funny, sometimes it will be though provoking, sometimes it will be informative but the one thing we will always strive for is to be genuine. I say “we” because this won’t be a blog just for myself as the director. Our board president (currently Mark Reuschel of State Street Bank) will post, from time to time we will ask volunteers or business owners to post. This will be especially true as important topics are debated within the downtown. We will try to bring everyone both sides of the argument, and from time to time share our opinion as well. This blog is just another in the many communication tools that we hope people enjoy and take advantage of.

Tonight we welcome Yoga7even to the downtown. Michele Wilkerson is opening the Yoga studio at 731 Hampshire Street. This will be our 586th business within the downtown! We know there are more in the works and we hope to be at 590 by the end of the year! We wish Michele nothing but the best and hope to see you this evening.

We’ve got a lot coming up in the next few weeks. The Illinois Main Street State Conference, the completion of Parking Lot K (6th & Jersey), the Early Tin Dusters downtown and so much more. We’re working on Small Business Saturday, the Christkindl market, and a new volunteer program designed to increase our communication and engagement throughout the downtown. We’ll be sharing much more about these as the time draws closer, so stay tuned to our blog for the latest! Thank you!

-Travis M. Brown, Executive Director