Why Wayfinding

Hopefully you have seen that the Historic Quincy Business District and the City of Quincy have partnered to develop a comprehensive Wayfinding system for the District. We strongly feel this project will benefit each and every downtown business and help to keep people in the downtown longer.


What is Wayfinding?

Wayfinding encompasses all of the ways in which people orient themselves in physical space and navigate from place to place. Wayfinding helps to create a branded sense of place.


Benefits of Wayfinding

Wayfinding provides tremendous physical and economic benefits for cities, districts, streets and public environments and supports a cohesive experience. Research confirms that wayfinding:
  1. Builds and reinforces Brand identity for the city, districts, destinations, streets, parks & public facilities
  2. Increases visitation & tourism
  3. Encourages navigation and use of the City and districts
  4. Increases walking & cycling journeys and enhances the discovery of the City
  5. Promotes pedestrian activity. Increased walking translates into a longer visit and increased revenue for retailers and destinations
  6. Facilitates City efficiency, function, and economics
  7. Time savings – Makes the city more efficient
  8. Reduced fuel costs – Time per trip is reduced and saves fuel
  9. Reduces congestion
  10. Reduces air pollution air pollution – which in turn improves public health
  11. Increases safety & security
  12. Provides a framework for revenue generation through advertising & sponsorship
Wayfinding Louisville 2
The City of London Transport “believes the city functions better when residents and visitors are oriented and move easily, aided by safe, efficient, and coordinated wayfinding and transit systems. Information & wayfinding are a key factor for success.”
Wayfinding Louisville 1