Newcomb Fire, Day 4

Monday morning has finally arrived.

Businesses are opening their doors, many for the first time since Friday night’s blaze. We are still so very grateful that the damage wasn’t worse. The Quincy Fire Department did an amazing job keeping the devastation limited to the Newcomb. Traffic will be difficult for today and potentially the next few days, but all the businesses are open. We appreciate everyone’s patience as the demolition crews continue to work to make the structure safe. As soon as they do, traffic will be opened back up to normal (with the exception of a few one-lane roads) routes.

Today I want to take a minute to recognize the media for their outstanding coverage of this weekend’s events. From the 911 call through the demolition, they have done an exceptional job of keeping the public informed and capturing the story.

Both TV stations, WGEM & KHQA did a wonderful job. This happened right before their newscasts and they scrambled to bring everyone the most up to the minute coverage. We are very thankful for them.

The Quincy Herald Whig was phenomenal in their coverage. Log onto their page and you will see pictures, stories and video covering all aspects of this fire. Being on the scene Friday night I think that the Whig had every available writer on scene covering a variety of angles. Their team coverage was exceptional and we encourage you to pick up yesterday’s paper if you haven’t yet.

Quincy Journal also had excellent coverage. This was even more impressive when you consider that in the middle of the fire, their entire building was evacuated. They were able to maintain their operations and were bringing people the latest news on their site. In the days since the fire, their Quincy Journal TV page on the site has been covering demolition live. Their proximity to the building gives a great vantage point for anyone wanting to watch.

This community is blessed to have so many great men and women committed to keeping us informed. We appreciate their efforts and thank them for all they do for our community.


-Travis Brown, Executive Director